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"The Californio" by Jo Mora

Jo Mora
Jo Mora sculpting "Twister"

Past Exhibits

"From Painted Caves to Mission Arches: The Artistic Accomplishments of Jo Mora"

From Painted Caves to Mission Arches: The Artistic Accomplishments of Jo Mora. This new exhibition provides an opportunity to see the wide variety of artistic accomplishments achieved by Joseph Jacinto “Jo” Mora (1876-1947).

When an artist’s list of abilities is as long as a well-thrown reata, and the descriptions of his talents include illustrator, painter, sculptor, writer, photographer, architect, cartographer, and cartoonist – it is hard to imagine there are any other appropriate nouns in the equation. In the case of Jo Mora, there is – cowboy.

Much of the artwork included in this exhibit, particularly the bronze sculptures, stem from Jo Mora’s love and first hand knowledge of the vaquero and American cowboy. From the time Jo was a young boy, he visualized what life was like on the plains of the West…and in 1903 he spent a year in the Santa Ynez Valley sketching the landscape and the cowboys he encountered. Mora’s work during this time is featured in the exhibit along with many wonderful sketches of the California Missions, vaqueros and idyllic landscapes.

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